Retry call and max retries

asterisk -rx ‘originate SIP/9991 extension 9991@testing,9991,1,899992,Archive: Yes,MaxRetries: 3,RetryTime: 30,Account: 202403190503398c1Wd’

Retry call time and Max retry is not working, if call is not answer then retry call is not initiated, is this command correct to retry call?

No. The CLI “originate” command has no support for such things. It will not retry at all. Only call files support that.

Thanks for your response @jcolp
should i configure retry logic in extensions.conf file. if yes can you please give me a sample code to achieve max retry and retry time

It’s probably possible. I have no sample code, though.

can i achieve retry call with that call file only, not having any configuration in extension.conf file?

Yes, call files support such a thing[1] which is where your original stuff originally came from.

[1] Asterisk Call Files - Asterisk Documentation

Got it , Thanks a lot for your response

Where did you come up with that “asterisk -rx 'originate” CLI command in the first place?

Actually i have a call file to generate a retry call and it woks fine but i just want to know that this can acheived by originate command or not and also i tried this command to retry call but not work

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