Asterisk AMI

Does anybody know of a good set of articles which discuss any limitations the Asterisk AMI has? We are battling some coding issues currently related to multiple AMI requests and some requests not getting sent through properly. (We suspect but are not sure.) An article or help doc would greatly help us.

Can you be a bit more specific? I’ve spent a fair amount of time building a framework that processes requests from one place, sculpts the correct AMI requests then does socket IO with AMI.

I’ve definitely encountered some quarks regarding everything from creating the right AMI requests to how to make AMI requests with entry into the dialplan in the correct fashion, but probably can’t be that helpful without much more specific questions.

Oh and no, there’s really no good docs out there for AMI. I basically had to to use the meager docs, some random 3rd party sites like voip-info (BE WARNED a lot of the stuff on this site is either a little off, way out of date and possibly outright wrong) and a LOT of trial and error.

Please feel free to PM me with a more specific query; I’d love to prevent some of the pain/frustration I had to deal with.