Almost 20 seconds before ringing starts. Is this "norma

Hello All,

newbie… Might be a dumb question.

I have Asterisk up and running, inbound and outbound YIPPIE!

When I try calling my own VOiP number (VoiceEclipse is my provider) from a pots line there is dead silence… about a 20 second delay before the phone starts to ring (on the pots line I’m calling in on). My concern is inbound callers may not be patient enough fo the ringing and hang up.

Is there a setting to correct this?


Can anyone help me with this issue please?

do you see anything on the * console during the 20 seconds? if not, do a sip debug? do you see anything there? if so, post it. If not, the problem is probably with your provider (or perhaps your outbound config, try calling from a cell phone)