Outgoing voicemail

Hello All,

I very new to asterisk and seem to be having a problem when I make outgoing calls. I am testing on my local land line. When I call it I would expect to get the answering machine after 5 rings, but this does not happen it just keeps ringing. I’m not sure why this would happen, is Asterisk interfering or maybe voip provider? Thank you!


are we supposed to guess everything about this setup then ? you’ll need to post details. who provides the answering service ? if you do, do you hear the phone ringing ? is there some switch to detect faxes on this line that could be getting in the way ? is this “landline” also connected to your Asterisk box ?

No, no guessing involved. I was just looking to see if there has been any problems like this. I just tested everything again today and it works fine. I figure it might have been a problem with the sip provider. It didn’t work for a couple of days, now it does, didn’t change a thing. Thanx for the reply though.