AGI (Asterisk-Java): Channel not available?

I’m trying to make my Asterisk PBX callback two ([color=red]external[/color]) numbers and connect them together as one call. That means: PBX calls the caller and then the callee, after that the caller can talk to the callee and vice-versa.

To do that, I use Asterisk-Java to steer the PBX over the AGI (or at least I think that I’m doing that :wink:). A http-packet containing caller- and callee-number is sent to the webserver which sets them as parameters for my java-application. There I use the Asterisk-Java-Function originateToExtension from the AsteriskServer Interface to get the PBX do what I want (here’s the Javadoc to that Interface where you’ll also find the function):

I’m running a default Trixbox-Installation with a VoIP-Uplink to my Provider (CityTel) which works with in- and outbound calls (tested with SIP-Phone).

I’m using the following parameters for the function mentioned above:

channel: SIP/CityTel/
context: CityTel
priority: 1
timeout: 30000

now, I tried it with different configs and allways get the following error:

Couldn’t find channel: Channel ‘SIP/CityTel/’ is not available.

Does that mean, that this doesn’t work with TWO external numbers or is there another problem?

…and did I already mention, that the caller- and callee-number change dynamically? :wink:

means: I can’t write down all the possible numbers that could be caller or callee, because everybody having access to my webapp is allowed to use it.

would it be possible to solve this problem by dynamically generating a conference-call (MeetMe?) and inviting both parties by calling them?

Thanks a lot for your help!