When can I AGI?


I’ve been doing some research into the AGI-Java connector and was wondering if somebody could help me with my architecture.

What I’d like to do, is kick off an external java class when a user:

  1. Initiates an outgoing call
  2. Hangs up the outgoing call
  3. Has an incoming call
  4. Hangs up the incoming call
  5. Misses a call
  6. Has a voicemail

I’d also like to be able to access all the call details (user number, ext number, start time, end time) I see lot of references to the dial plan instantiating the AGI in the tutorials, but I was wondering if it is possible to use it in these senarios?

How would I need to connect these things up for each user?!

Thanks a ton!

This can all be done with the Manager API and an event listener.
Just have a look at the tutorial at asterisk-java.org/development/tutorial.html

If you have further questions consider to join the Asterisk-Java users mailing list.