Answering a channel

I have started using Asterisk-java and gjtapi projects for my jtapi implementation.
Here I am facing a small problem in answering the channel.

- by using manager api,
    - I could create a call, conference and redirect as well.


 Even by using agi script also, I am facing a problem, like,
 - call is answered but getting hung up immediately.

 it would be really great if any body could help me to modify agi script (or) modifying manager interface to add answer channel capability.

  Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Seshu Kumar.

What kind of channel are you trying to answer ?

I created the call using Asterisk channel. the flow looks like,

  • call from local channel to calling party
  • once the calling party answers automatic call is placed to called party

but this answering the asterisk channel programmatically using manager api (or any other) seems not possible to me.

Please suggest me answering this asterisk channels programmatically.

I am sorry but I can not fully understand you. Perhaps you can post your dial plan ?

Hi ,
I am using AsteriskNow and created two basic extensions. I am just trying to use Asterisk-java and GJtapi project to control these extensions using programmatic call control.

  I can create call(using originateaction in management api), but no answer api in that.

  The dial plan for your reference is as below:

Command> dialplan show default

[ Context ‘default’ created by ‘pbx_config’ ]
‘2001’ => hint: SIP/2001 [pbx_config]
1. Macro(stdexten|2001|${HINT}) [pbx_config]
‘2002’ => hint: IAX2/2002 [pbx_config]
1. Macro(stdexten|2002|${HINT}) [pbx_config]
‘2003’ => hint: SIP/2003 [pbx_config]
1. Macro(stdexten|2003|${HINT}) [pbx_config]
‘6000’ => 1. MeetMe(${EXTEN}|MI) [pbx_config]
‘7000’ => 1. VoiceMailMain() [pbx_config]
‘8500’ => 2. Hangup() [pbx_config]
Include => ‘voicemenu-custom-1’ [pbx_config]

     Please let me know, if any additional information is required. Thanks.

Best Regards,
Seshu Kumar.