Integrating my application with asterisk PBX

Hello, Asterisk’s

Can anybody help with this!!

we have Asterisk PBX on Trix box,
the idea is that I need is to integrate my application with the asterisk PBX server
so that I do not need to initiate the call from the phone it self,

I suppose that there are proper API for that, I have downloaded the asterisk java api, but not using them well yet,
is it the proper API to be used!!!
please can you send me some examples, links tutorial,

but not the link :, please I have seen it several time, it seems not what I need,

Thanks in advance

Yes it is if you like/need java, you should use the manager action Originate to start a call, another approach is to use a call file, see … o-dial+out .


Marco Bruni

thanks for replying

yes I am welling to use java,

I have check the link, it is nice but I did not see how it can help ,
it describes the dials for asterisk, using files and channels ,

but I have not seen how it could be done using the java, I have tried the manager API it did initiate a call , but the application should log in as a manager, although I need the application to be for users,

in addition
(maybe a silly question ) :confused:, when I initiate a call from the API, where would the voice [the call] actually being performed , should I do something about it??? :unamused: or that the API do it all ?