Advertisements after dial() and in meetme() Help

I’m new to Asterisk so please don’t shout :smile:

I need help in my little project. Is it possible to play sounds during a conversation (after dial() )to :

  • caller and callee at the same time
  • one sound to caller and other to callee (and vice versa of course)
  • i was also thinking about situation, where one side hears only the sound and other hears the side where the sound is played without hearing that sound (i know it’s complicated :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’m also using meetme(), to add the third user, so any agi scripts won’t work (this does not work with non-Zap channels in the same conference.)

So is there a way to play that advertisements after dial and in meetme or maybe there is a way to actually ${MEETME_AGI_BACKGROUND} work with SIP channells.

Thanks in advance.

Few ideas:

ChanSpy has a whisper option which can be used to send audio onto a specific channel.

You can use the Manager Originate action to send Local channels into the meetme to play sounds. Originate a call into the conference, and connect the other end of the channel to a local channel which does the playback, then hangs up.