Play sound on bridged channels, in middle of conversation


Im trying to make a system that allows customer support to play back recorded conversation to customer. So, basically the only option i have found so far is

  1. do a manager redirect on both channels, so they brake up and get to different locations in dialplan.
  2. send both channels to dynamically allocated meetme room (one goes with NoCDR, so that CDR is not duplicated)
  3. generate a call with Originate to some Local/xxx channel, that goes to same meetme room, and connect other end to another context which contains Playback application.

I’ve done steps 1 and 2, but it seems that i’m really not going into right direction. If i do Redirect for both channels in reverse order, one of them hangs up. I don’t know yet what will look like CDR and channels if call is made trough Queue (more headache). 3. What do do after sound is played - should they leave meetme room? How to connect dhem back directly, so CS guy can do some transfers and so on.

Anybody have some ideas, how this can be done? AGI? 1.4?

I’m considering just using DYNAMIC_FEATURES, so only customer hears message. Unfortunately operator would have to listen into silence for several minutes.

Or maybe hang up operator, and re-dial him after message has been played?

Any better ideas?

You may want to clarify your requirements, how the system is expected to behave. In particular, I’ve seen similar topics where people actually meant “pre-recorded message” when they said “recorded conversation”. Do you mean your agent will actually press a button to record the on-going conversation, then press another button to play it back to customer?

Sorry if i was a unclear. Basically the idea is to play back previous conversation, not current, so it is previously recorded. There shouldn’t be any keys necessary to start, as operator have to choose recording on web site anyway.

So, the basic scenario

  1. Customer calls operator
  2. Operator answers, they talk for some time
  3. Operator finds some previous conversation, and presses button on web site (sends manager command)
  4. They both hear recording, Operator or customer can cancel playback by some manager action or keypress
  5. They continue talking.

My wacky idea would then be to start the conversation in a meeting room :wink: At least you don’t have to split them.