Play a prompt to confernced channels

Hai Everyone,

I have an Asterisk server installed with Version 16 and SIP trunk Connected on the server.

There is an incoming call from from A Party 9999999999 to DID number 1234567890

Once the call is received on the DID → Dialing the B party number 8888888888 from the same DID

Once the B Part answers the cal both parties will be conference and able to talk to each other. Now I need to play audio to that channel which is a conference and both parties should be able to hear the audio. below is my dialplan which is used.

;;Incoming Call from 999999999 to 123456;;
exten => 1234567890,1,Answer()
exten => MixMonitor(somename.wav)
exten => Dial(SIP/OperatorSIP/8888888888,45,tToR)
exten => Hangup()

There are many ways to do this, one way is using features.conf file there is an example in there

;testfeature => #9,peer,Playback,tt-monkeys ;Allow both the caller and callee to play
; ;tt-monkeys to the opposite channel

The feature requires the callers dial a code at the point when they want to hear the message.

I think the OP wants the an announcement that happens only when the second party enters, and goes to both parties simultaneously. I don’t think he’ll get exactly that function.

Also, it seems that this conference is degenerate, having only two parties, so I wonder if the conference is part of a proposed solution, rather than an underlying goal. If that is not the case, I think the OP needs to specify what happens when a third caller dials in.

Any solution needs to consider what happens if the first caller hangs up before the second one calls in.

Incidentally, the references to a DID seem to be irrelevant. All that actually seems to matter is that both callers should use the same extension number. In fact I’d want to test it initially using locally connected phones.

In this case the dial G option and confbridge() will work for this, he can use the sound_join

@ambiorixg12 @david551

exten => 1234567890,1,Answer()
exten => 1234567890,MixMonitor(somename.wav)
exten => 1234567890,n,Dial(sip/08888888888@OperatorSIP,45,tThHaA(somaudiodetails))
exten => 1234567890,n,Hangup()

hai presently am doing with Dial string option with A but in this audio is able to hear only by the 2nd part and the 1st part is not able to hear the audio.

Is there any option with the above scenario that both parties can hear the audio which is getting played ?

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