AddQueueMember n+101 priority configuration with Asterisk


I recently upgraded from Asterisk 1.2.0 (yikes!) to Asterisk 1.2.16. One thing in my extentions.conf that broke was AddQueueMember priority jumping. I have something like this:

exten => 5555,1,AddQueueMember(support)
exten => 5555,2,Playback(addqueue)
exten => 5555,3,Hangup()
exten => 5555,102,RemoveQueueMember(support)
exten => 5555,103,Playback(removequeue)
exten => 5555,104,Hangup()

That way, if you want to log in a phone, you would just dial 5555. To log out, you would dial 5555 again (if your channel was already added, it would n+101 priority jump to 5555,102,RemoveQueueMember. This doesn’t seem to work since I upgraded to Asterisk 1.2.16.

Is there a new way to configure this? Thanks for all the help!


just add the ‘j’ option to AddQueueMember

baconbuttie, I owe you one. Worked like a charm. Damn I feel stupid for not checking “show application AddQueueMember” before posting. Thanks again!