Added another fxo card and my server crashed

Hi All,
I just added a second FXO card so we can have 2 lines coming to the server and my server would not boot up. I tried that both cards on another computer and my hard drive died. I lost 2 machines. Right now either one of those server won’t even boot up. Should I do anything special to make 2 fxo cards work?

any help is appreciated.

Will the machines boot without the cards installed.

Also I am assuming your using a single port clone card as you are needing to add a second card for 2 lines correct? If so I would highly suggest you get a Digium analog card, they allow up to 4 ports in any combination of FXO and FXS so you would only need one card.

Should I return those FXO cards then? I know it all sounds so stupid. The person we had on team left and he claimed that we has to have 2 FX cards for each one of the ports. So I am so screwed right now. I bought 4 FXO cards per his request since he said that it the problem with the cads. But neither one of them work in pair.

Would I have to change any setting on the server if I am adding a new card?

Thank you