Call transfer not working

Hello, everyone

I’m having problems with making call transfer work:

A calls B
A puts B on hold and calls C
B picks up the phone and all three can speak
PROBLEM: when B hangs up, A and C loose communication

I’m quite new to asterisk and even not sure if this scenario is possible (B hangs up, A and C keep talking). If it is a possible scenario, please could anyone direct me to a manual or give a hint where to start looking.

Thanks in advance


What phones are you using, as it sounds like you are conferencing and not transferring the call


It not pure “conferencing”. The fourth member wouldn’t be able to join. I guess what I have acheived so far is a three-way-call. The problem is that when the middle man (B) hangs up, the other two loose communication. This scenario works in our office with a regular (non-voip) PBX. So it might work with asterisk as well.
Regarding the telephones. I’m working for a cable network. So we are connecting regular phones to Scientific Atlanta EMTAs (which are cable modems with integrated ATAs).