Call transfer

Hi all

I want to enable conference for a n external Three way conference.

Suppose a person (A) calls me(B) then I talks to him and calls third one © through

attended transfer or other channel in xlite. After talking with C I want to enable

conference so that A,B & C can talk each other and be in a conference.

Is there any way for this…Please give me an answer…

I am able to do attended transfer using *2 feature …but when B hangs up

A & C will be connected, but B can not join in conference…please help me…

X-Lite doesn’t support SIP transfers for commercial reasons. Eyebeam, the paid for version of X-Lite does support them.

Thanks for your reply.

Here I am able to transfer call using attended transfer feature of asterisk.

But I don’t know how to make three calls in a conference after transfer.

Conferences must be set up explicitly in Asterisk by calling an appropriate application, e.g. meetme. There may be tricks to simulate forcing someone into a conference, but I don’t know them, and there will still have to be an explicit call of meetme, etc., either form the dialplan, or from AMI.