2 phone lines -> 5 computers?


Is it possible to have 2 analogue phone lines connected to an asterisk server, and then have five 5 software phones on our LAN - where any of the 5 phones can answer incoming phone calls?

yes but you will still only be able to have at most two simultaneous calls with the outside world.

Yes, that is perfectly fine

When recieving the incoming calls, can I answer them from any computer on the LAN using a softphone and then transfer that call to another colleagues workstation on the LAN?

Yes you can.


Marco Bruni

Great! Is there a similar case study somewhere that can give me a hint about how to setup such a solution?

I have been looking for a couple of weeks both on the asterisk and asteriskNow websites but I just can’t grasp how much work that might mean for my company and what invstments that we will need to make.