Phone extensions

i’m pretty sure the answer is yes, but i want to double check…

if i’m going to run 2 phone lines with asterisk, and 3 phones are on the first line, and 4 phones are on the second, then can i make extensions for all seven phones, and they will all be able to “call” eachother with the extensions?


Yes, this is all possible.

That depends what you mean, really.

If you mean you’ve got two POTS-type lines - i.e., two single twisted pairs - with 3 extensions on one and two on the other, then the answer is no. You’ve only got two lines and one line can call the other, but a phone on one line can’t call another phone on the same line.

well here’s a more specific version of what i mean:

i’ve got 2 phone lines coming into my house. each of them has their own unique telephone number. 3 phones run off the first line, and 2 run off the second.

are you saying that the 2 phones on the second line won’t be able to call eachother? :frowning:

also, when people call in for the auto attendant, which line would they call? would they be able to be “transferred” to my cell phone? what about another phone in the house?


Well, the answers depend on how much work you want to do.

As it stands, the two analog lines could be connected to asterisk as two separate channels. But Asterisk wouldn’t know anything about the different phones sharing the same line. It would be no different than your current situation in terms of how these phones share the line (i.e., when two people pickup different phones on the same line, they hear each other, but only one phone call on the PSTN can happen). You couldn’t address them as separate extensions from asterisk.

To address them as separate endpoints, they need separate connections in to Asterisk. You may be able to do this through your phone wiring, if you have access to it. In this case, each line would need to be run separately to asterisk and connected through an FXS port.

Alternatively, if you have ethernet available at the phone locations, you could use an ATA, like a Sipura 2000, and connect these to your asterisk server over ethernet. Your analog phones can then plug into the ATA.

Either of these will get you individual extensions in Asterisk, which can then call each other, transfer calls, etc.

Transferring to a cell phone is a different matter. It can be done (I do it now). For that, I suggest you read up on the Asterisk book and then post a separate question once you know what you want to do.

Hope that helps.

i have a question relating to the extensions. i am using two phones on the same network and line and i am able to dial into a confrence call, but when i try to dial a direct extension is says that the person is already in a call. so i know the phone can communicate with the AAH system but its not letting me dial directly. any suggestions?