1.2 - multiple inbounds when signed into queue

Hello all,

We are a 350 seat call center in the middle of an Asterisk migration, and we have had one major problem that is slowing us down.

Most of our CSR’s are signed into queue using the AsteriskGuru Switchboard application, which uses AddQueueMember and RemoveQueueMember to dynamically sign agents in and out of queue. When we queue up, though, our agents are receiving multiple inbound calls - they will be talking to a customer and another line will ring in. This is a problem, obviously, and we need to fix it.

All but one of our * boxes are running 1.0.7, and we were able to use SetGroup and CheckGroup successfully to limit the number of calls - we added these options to the from-inside context and it seemed to affect the queue calls.

The last box, which is running 1.2.1, had to be updated to use the GROUP function. However, adding it to the from-inside context doesn’t seem to fix the issue as it did in the older versions.

What I need to know is how to effectively limit the number of inbound calls to our CSRs, and I’m lost, because there is very little documentation for the queue setup, and even less for the new 1.2 functions.

I apologize for the very vague post, but I am throughly stumped and am under the gun to get fixes in place ASAP.



After several hours and a couple of phone calls to some business associates, we are no closer to an answer, and are in fact rolling our 1.2.1 installation back to 1.0.7 until we can come up with a permanent fix for this.

I am still needing assistance with this issue, and am still throughly stumped as to how to go about it.

At this point, we have tried the following:

in sip.conf - incominglimit=1
in sip.conf - call-limit=1
in our from-inside (default) context - added GROUP() and GROUP_COUNT functions to increment call counter
changed AddQueueMember sign in string to use Local extension that points to the standand SIP extension

None of these have worked, although the Local extension did show quite a bit of promise.

If anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears…


I’m in the same situation that you and I really need to fix the problem too…

I don’t have more previous version of * so I can’t test this but I remember that " incominglimit=1 " worked in sip.conf. I think “GROUP() and GROUP_COUNT” functions in incomming-context can’t work because when we are in app_queue.c (“Queue(default)” in any context we don’t have control more after the caller is in the queue and can’t use this functions…

Sorry for my english… I’m from north of france :wink:

Can someone help me ? Or do we have to develop another queue application ?