Asterisk 1.8 and call-limit

Hello all

I always made use of call-limit=1 in sip.conf to limit queue members to receive only 1 call at a time.
Now that I’m using Asterisk 1.8, I don’t know how to make queue stop sending calls for a busy queue member because call-limit is deprecated.
Can someone please share how do I simulate (step by step please) call-limit=1 for queue members without using call-limit?

Thank you

Read the other recent threads. There is a worked example (although they are having problems with it).

Hi is your members are sip peers then
ringinuse = no
; If you want the queue to avoid sending calls to members whose devices are
; known to be ‘in use’ (via the channel driver supporting that device state)
; uncomment this option. (Note: only the SIP channel driver currently is able
; to report ‘in use’.)

if no then use group count in the dialplan fo them

Thank you for your replies.
I tried to do some things but it didn’t work. I was trying to get rid of call-limit from my configuration because I couldn’t make it work when I switch to real time with a call-limit column in sip table.

callcounter=yes ; <-- add this to your sip.conf file

taken from a wonderful ressource :

3 Things need to be in place (for SIP based queue members)

  1. callcounter=yes in sip.conf
  2. ringinuse=no queues.conf
  3. also you need to read about “device state”… very NB. Basically you have to tell asterisk how to get the the actual device like SIP/100, otherwise asterisk cannot tell the state of the device.
    The queue members (if SIP) and based on dial plan must be something like this:

or when it directly attached to the device like this is fine, you can omit the device state: