Queues setup for dynamic agents / Ad hoc

Hello all,
okay here is what is going on. I am trying to setup a Queue that agents can login to. What I have done is used devices set as Ad hoc so that agents could login at any phone. This works and works well, where the issue lies is if a agent accepts a call from the queue and he is the only one in the queue (or the next to be rung) the second call comes in and presents to the agent. Basicaly like call waiting, so is there any way of preventing and agent from getting a second call while on a call and still allowing him / her to log onto any set and thus log into queue’s???

Any help would be great…

Thanks so much in advance

Thanks for the quick response. I have been playing with the two settings this morrning and it deffinatly get’s me further then I was. Here is the issue left. If I set the Call-limit=1 then yes only one call can come through however you can not make and out going call to a 2nd level support agent. So I then set the call-limit=2 and busy-limit=1 figuring that this would allow me to not receive calls when I was on one however I am still recieving calls. I have confirmed that call waiting is disabled for the user so prevent the presentation of calls while in a busy status…

Any other Ideas???

Another update… just so that everyone is aware when I do a sip show inuse the extension show under the heading In use 1/0 and as well shows the proper limit of 1.

Yes, you should to set the call-limit and busy-limit parameters of the sip phone in sip.conf (I’m assuming you’re using sip devices).


Marco Bruni

still having issues - please see added text above