Queue inbound call limit


I have one question regarding Queues.
In my queue I have six members, but I wont to limit number of simultaneous conversations to two - that mean only two member can have conversation at the same time. When there is third call, just put him on “hold” and when one of those two release call, third call is proceeded to the next available member.

Is this possible?

Thank you and BR,

Directly on the Queue application I dont think there is such option I would need to check, but a quick workaround would be before pass the caller to the queue, count the number of members free in your queue , use the QUEUE_MEMBER function to do this, then apply some kind of logic , like if numbers of free members is <=3 caller must be placed on hold you could use BridgeWait() for the holding part, then you will need to keep monitoring the the number of free member periodically and use the channelredirect command to move callers to the queue

Sorry for late response, I did like this

exten => 9090,1,NoOp(Call on ${CONTEXT} from &{CALLERID(num)})
exten => 9090,n,Set(GROUP()=ideo_sales)
exten => 9090,n,GotoIf($[${GROUP_COUNT(ideo_sales)} > 2]?maxcalls)
exten => 9090,n,Queue(ideo_sales,t,30)
exten => 9090,n,Set(CALLERID(name)="From Sales)
exten => 9090,n,Dial(SIP/240&SIP/241&SIP/242,40,Tt)
exten => 9090,n(maxcalls),ParkAndAnnounce(ideo_waiting,19,queue,9090,1)
exten => 9090,n,Hangup()

There is no BridgeWait in asterisk 11!