Zombie SIP Channels

Hi Guys,

Just a quick question, any suggestion on how to kill zombie channels?
soft hangup doesn’t seem to kill it.

And any reason why we are having zombie sip channels? and how to investigate?

Anyone help me shed some light?

Thanks Guys.

Is it the core channel (core show) or the sip channel that is not going away?

What type of SIP channel (chan_sip 0r chan_pjsip)?

If a SIP, not a core channel, how long do you wait to see if it goes away (many seconds is normal)?

For chan_sip, please provide debugging at a level sufficient to show auto-destruct messages in the debug log (chjan_pjsip may have something similar)?

How often does this happen?

Which version of Asterisk?

For SIP channels, what does sip/pjsip show channel show for the zombie?

For chan_sip, what does sip show history show for a zombie channel (there may be something for pjsip)?

If practicable, provide a protocol trace of a complete SIP session that has this problem.

Hi David, it’s on SIP Channel (Chan_sip), it’s not going away till I restart the asterisk service.

It’s not that often but wanna know how to kill it without restarting it.