Asterisk zombie Channels


What would be the best way to find the zombie channels in Asterisk?
We are using chan_sip driver, and sometimes when some extensions going offline during the call that channels remain as a zombie, and the only way to fix it is by sending channel request hangup. We tried 2 options to detect them:

  1. By using call recording size from the mixmonitor application. This is working fine, but this is not working with extensions that have call recording disabled.
  2. By using “Recv: Pack” value from the “sip show channelstats” command. But this it’s not working properly because for the long calls Asterisk is using values like 0000000129K which are not updated too often and within 1min this value can be the same, and that will give a false positive. Also, this value it’s not incremented when the call it’s set on hold (sendonly).

Which method can you recommend when dealing with this?
Thank you.

The chan_sip module provides two options to terminate calls if the remote side goes away. The first is based on the reception of media, where if it does not occur for a period of time the call is hung up[1]. The second uses SIP signaling such that based on the response the call is hung up[2].


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