Zaptel installation

I have compiled and installed zaptel into debian linux.
Asterisk seem to run fine but i cant find zaptel entries in asterisk cli?
For example when pressing help in cli zaptel commands is missing :frowning:

Did you modprobe the drivers ?

GennixPBX:~# modprobe -l |grep zaptel

So it seems its installed ok?

lsmod |grep zaptel

What does the above line give you ?

It gives nothing :frowning:

Are you using Ztdummy ?
if yes try:
modprobe zaptel
modprobe ztdummy

if not try:
modprobe zaptel
modprobe wctdm (I used this for my TDM400P).

Try to start asterisk up again and see what happens.

I did reinstall of asterisk yestreday and it fixed the problem.

Can you please let us know what you did different this time that made it work ? (It will help others here looking for help)

I simply recompiled Asterisk.
From what i understand it dose not compile chan_zap if the zaptel not installed.
During my setup i firstly installed Asterisk and then Zaptel and addons and that migh be the reason of the problem. Take note that i am using latest versions of Asterisk and Zaptel.