[help] /dev/zap error in asterisk debian

hi anybody who’ve installed zaptel libpri and asterisk in debian with no mess? need a little help! am having and error when running ztcfg it says it can’t find /dev/zap or anything like that, i’m pretty much sure i followed the instructions in installing asterisk on debian in voip-info.org. can anyone help me with this? thanks in advance! :smile:


I also could not get it to work using the Docs.
The way i did it was

Get and install sourec code for Zaptel off Digiums site.
Install kernel source code for the kernel you are running.
Compile kernel/modules with ctc-ccitt in kernel.
compile zaptel.

then it worked.

If you have never done a kernel compile before this CAN be a huge problem. There is allot of information out there on how to do it but the learing curve is steep.

done it many times but i’m not quite satisfied with its results…i prefer installing the ones coming from digium coz i can change them…nways thanks for your reply :smiley: