Zaptel drivers unresponsive


I am having an intermittent problem i think with zaptel drivers with them becoming what i can only describe as unresponsive.

I am running asterisk 1.4 on Fedora 7 as a fax to email server (using rxFax)

Ocassionly (currently every 2 or 3 weeks) all calls into the asterisk box are instantly dropped, the zaptel drivers still appear to be running and when running zttool It shows that both the E1’s going into the box are fine.

Up until a couple of months ago we also had a lot of voice traffic going through the box, this caused the problem to occur more regularly(once or twice a week)

Restarting asterisk has no effect, the only way to fix it is to modprobe zaptel and wct4xxp.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this and if not is there any information i can gather when this next occurs which might help track the problem down?


Chris V

This has occured two more times since making the original post, originally to fix it i was modprobing zaptel and wct4xxp but have found that simply running ZTTOOL and "loop"ing the problematic span that this kicks the drivers back into life,

Does this hold any clues as to what the problem may be?

Alternativley is there any way I can automate a script to run each evening to modprobe the zaptel drivers?

Do a cronjob at 1 minute past 1 in the morning.

/etc/init.d/asterisk stop
/etc/init.d/zaptel stop
/etc/init.d/zaptel start
/etc/init.d/asterisk start

Fax is something a colleague of mine used to go hell-for-leather for, but I always found it 1% frustrating. That 1% just happens to be the noticeable 1 out of 100 fax-to-emails that has a corrupted fax that a user will then log a support request for.

I haven’t done anything with fax for 18 months.

Of course, YMMV.

Re-reading your post, disable as much stuff as you can on the BIOS in case it’s an IRQ conflict. This is all just a guess by the way - good luck

great minds think alike!

I produced a cronjob this morning to do just that each day. Wasn’t 100% keen on it as it isnt really a fix!

Did you experience similar problems or was it just the corrupt faxes you were getting?

and fools never differ :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, it happens every so often that weird shit just happens. SIP/IAX/ZAP/MeetMe.

Depending on how often this happens (and how confident you are), just recompile zaptel and asterisk. It’s one of those things that could miraculously fix things. But I’d just sit tight and wait to see how the fresh restarts go for the next month.

Re: corrupted faxes - it happened constantly with a few customers. In the early days a colleague and I got asterisk running with CAPI very well. After seeing the results of CAPI fax (100%), I’d have to say there seems to be a bit of substance to what people say about rxfax (sorry spandsp guy, your name escapes me for the moment) - we replaced a customers fax server from a digium card to an avn capi card, and i haven’t heard anything in over a year.

Hope it works out for you…