Zapconf problem

the output of zapconf is
No default_file at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/Zaptel/Config/ line 49.

when i open the file i found this program

package Zaptel::Config::Defaults;

Written by Oron Peled

Copyright © 2007, Xorcom

This program is free software; you can redistribute and/or

modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

$Id: 3793 2008-02-04 23:00:48Z tzafrir $

use strict;

Use the shell to source a file and expand a given list

of variables.

sub do_source($@) {
my $file = shift;
my @vars = @_;
my @output = env -i sh -ec '. $file; export @vars; for i in @vars; do eval echo \$i=\\\$\$i; done';
die “$0: Sourcing ‘$file’ exited with $?” if $?;
my %vars;

foreach my $line (@output) {
chomp $line;
my ($k, $v) = split(/=/, $line, 2);
$vars{$k} = $v if grep /^$k$/, @vars;
return %vars;

sub source_vars {
my @vars = @_;
my $default_file;
my %system_files = (
"/etc/default/zaptel" => ‘Debian and friends’,
"/etc/sysconfig/zaptel" => ‘Red Hat and friends’,

if(defined $ENV{ZAPTEL_DEFAULTS}) {
$default_file = $ENV{ZAPTEL_DEFAULTS};
} else {
foreach my $f (keys %system_files) {
if(-r $f) {
if(defined $default_file) {
die “An ‘$f’ collides with ‘$default_file’”;
$default_file = $f;
die “No default_file” unless $default_file;
my %vars = Zaptel::Config::Defaults::do_source($default_file, @vars);
return ($default_file, %vars);


the file is 55 line you can start count from the end to go to line 49