I’m having problems getting Zaptel to compile, so I started reading. I’ve read in multiple places that for Linux 2.6, a variable named EXTRAVERSION in the Makefile may have to be modified. There is no EXTRAVERSION in my Makefile. Did I do something wrong or should I just create the variable or is it not really necessary? Thanks in advance.

Are you trying to use ztdummy ? Also what errors are you getting ? Please post them here.

No, I’m not trying to use ztdummy because I have a Digium card that will provide clocking.

When I enter “make”, it replies with:

*** No rule to make target /usr/src.zaptel-1.2.9/wct4xxp/OCT6114-128D.ina /usr/src/zaptel-1.2.9/wct4xxp/vpm450m_fw.h

and then another simlilar error and “STOP.”

I still don’t know why EXTRAVERSION isn’t present, but the error I was getting was due to a known problem in zaptel-1.2.9. It’s been fixed in zaptel- Thanks for your assistance.