ZAP outbound trunk hunting


what is the best approach of outbound trunk hunting?

i have 8 lines from telco. and i dont have problem with incoming trunk hunting
as the telco already enable it.

now problem is the outbound trunk hunting
any idea?

what is your problem with outbound trunk hunting ? what’s your current config ? no crystal balls here !

here is my config

my first outgoing call connect with no problem.
when i pickup second phone and dial outside number(PSTN) its choppy and does nothing just chopy>

that looks like a dogs dinner ! why don’t you configure your trunks into a group and dial the group. let Asterisk work out what line to use.

well thank you for that very kind advice

and i hope and pray that you will have long life so you could alwa s give golden words like those to people like me

you’re more than welcome. you’ve also been posting here long enough to know that if you want specific advice about your setup you post your configs.

there’s a thread towards the top of the board that discusses ZAP trunk grouping where you could have got the same info. looking at your extensions.conf entries, you’re making it a lot harder than it needs to be.

ok and sorry if i appear a little stupid i just have nothing to post about outbound trunk hunting. but those dinner thing.

if you notice i am old enough in here to ask about hunting, i first develop
phpAGI which connect to our SybaseASE(W2K) and authenticate, collect and annouce the balance and other money thing to the PSTN caller.
this work from scratch is now useable where caller could inquire their money from home.

once again thank you and to those who help my phpAGI possible “MABUHAY!!”

PM on it’s way

i have replied.