Help Setting Up In bound calls on Zap Trunk

Hello All

I have installed asterisk@home 2.8. I have two x100p clone cards which is on zap/1 and zap/2. i have two bell south line connected to it.

I would like to detect calls coming in on zap trunk 1 and forward it to specific extension. if calls comes in on zap trunk 2 it will also be forwarded to a specific extension or a group.

I have tried this with freePBX and creating a inbound calling rule where i set the DID number as the bell south line number. But that didn’t work.

could someone direct me to the right direction how to do this.
Thanks in advance.

I dont use @home or free Pbx but if each zap trunk is in its own contex in zapata and extensions config files then it should work

setting the DID won’t help. as rusty said, you need to have a context for each zap channel.

thanks for your replies. any idea how to create context


for example?

i’d put this in extensions_custom.conf and have it then do whatever preprocessing it needs then jump to from-pstn…

thanks for all the suggestion. i was trying to find some examples on the help pages on how to create context

i haven’t been found any documentation on how to set up a trunk and handle incoming calls.

the help docs seems to be scatereted all over the place and finding information seems to be tough. unless i am looking at the wrong place.

any suggestions?

if you are using AAH, it should be self-explanatory. e.g. go to the Trunks screen and click on adding a trunk and select Zap and go from there.

in aah it doesn’t allow you to create any trunk or in bound call based on a trunk. i can create trunk but only there i can say outbound rule.

on in bound rule i can set it up for DID or CID but not on a trunk.

oh, right. what i meant was, you have to add that context in the zapata.conf file (i think that’s it) for each channel…

i was hoping someone will give me a link or paste some code. if anyone…can please help.

honestly, this isn’t that hard. if you really want to be customizing asterisk, you need to read docs and such and figure out how this stuff works. … apata.conf

thanks for your reply.

I found the answer. if anyone interested.

how to route in coming calls based on ZAP CHANNEL.

I am using Asterisk@Home and freePBX web admin 2.1

Go to Tools in you freePBX admin page.
Click on /etc/asterisk
go to
click on ext-did-custom or look for it

you will see this:

; this will allow calls to be routed by the ZAP channel they come in on.
; example a call comming in on ZAP cahnnel 1 will have Zap1 for it’s DID.

exten => s,2,GotoIf($["${CHANNEL:0:3}" = “Zap”]?ext-did|Zap${CHANNEL:4:1}|1)

CHANGE s,2… to s,1

exten => s,1,GotoIf($["${CHANNEL:0:3}" = “Zap”]?ext-did|Zap${CHANNEL:4:1}|1)

Click on InBound Routes
Click on Add Incoming Route
on the DID Number: Zap1
it can be any channel number like if you have Zap10

Set the desitination. Wala! it worked for me.

FreePBX 2.1 allows you to create Inbound Routes based on Zap channels now. You don’t have to muck about with custom contexts any more. The Inbound Routes now has a “Zaptel Channel” option.

Just make sure your Zapata.conf has your Zaptel context as “from-zaptel” for it to work, as specified in the pop-up help for the Zaptel Channel option on the Inbound Routes screen.

You then keep the DID and CID fields blank.

question: i tried this and got a “no DID or CID match” error. poked around and found that zapata-auto.conf was still saying ‘context=from-pstn’. i fixed that, but that file is not supposed to be edited manually, but is created by genzaptelconf?