ZAP Channel question


I am running AAH 2.8 w/FreePBX 2.1beta1. Is there a way to tell * just to connect a call with out sending ring tones to the caller?

What a am doing is bridging * to our Mitel PBX using a TDM2400. When a person on our Mitel presses 5 the Mitel sends them to the * box. The * box puts them into a DISA, the user then dials the long distance # and gets prompted for a password (using the FreePBX PINS Sets module in the outbound route not a DISA password), * then dials the call. That is all working fine (I did have to tweak DISA a bit).

What I’d like to get rid of is whe the user is connected to the * box they hear two rings then get the dial tone from *. Is there a way to set it up so they just get the dail tone?

Any advice?


Have you tried Asterisk Outbound Dial command options? You can find it under Setup then General Settings. The default setting has a r in it for Generate a ringing tone for calling party.

Thanks for the reply! Just tried it, no go :frowning:. I’ll have to talk to our Mitel guy and see if that system is generating the rings.