[HELP] AMI Originate, no remote-side-is-ringing tone


I’m using some script to setup calls via WWW, from my phone to some other. My phone rings and connects to remote side and thats ok. The problem is when I aswer my phone, there’s a silence until callee answers. I’d like to hear some ringing-indication like if I had dialed manually (that sound after dialing number, but before remote answers).

I’m using Asterisk 1.2.4 on Debian and hardphone on IAX2 (IP-300). External numbers are forwarded to VoIP provider via SIP.

The difference I’ve found, after getting my phone off-hook:

  1. When I dial manually, my phone indicates ringing; there is no voice traffic from asterisk to my phone (just IAX Control: Ringing).
  2. When I dial from the WWW, my phone is silent, but there is voice traffic from phone to asterisk (and at start IAX Control: Ringing).

Seems that phone is not generating ringing tone if off-hook (that has sense). Is there any way to generate the tone from inside asterisk? Dial(…,r) does not work.