[Resolved] disable BEEP befor outgoing call


I want to disable the BEEP that is on every call over my HFC-ISDN card with bristuff to the telephone network.

Where can I do this???

Can I do this in the zapata.conf



I have solved my problem with an r in every DIAL() in the extensions.conf.


But their is also an disadvantage:

From voip-info.org

Generate a ringing tone for the calling party, passing no audio from the called channel(s) until one answers. Without this option, Asterisk will generate ring tones automatically where it is appropriate to do so;

however, “r” will force Asterisk to generate ring tones, even if it is not appropriate. For example, if you used this option to force ringing but the line was busy the user would hear “RING RIBEEP BEEP BEEP” (thank you tzanger), which is potentially confusing and/or unprofessional.

However, the option is necessary in a couple of places. For example, when you’re dialing multiple channels, call progress information is not consistantly passed back.