Zap asterisk and normal telephones

I have just set up my asterisk server to handle calls coming in on my normal (physical) telephone line, but at I also have non-asterisk connected phones on the same phone line.

So what i want to do is have asterisk ring all my asterisk extensions while my normal phones ring untill someone picks either and extension or a normal phone. and then they all stop ringing.

how would i go about doing this any ideas?

I’ve only started playing round with asterisk recently so still learning stuffs so any ideas or sugestions on what i should do would be great.

Put the analog phones behinde asterisk either with an ata or an fxs card

i was trying to avoid that as 1. its expensive and 2. they are all over a rather big which means i would have to rig up lots of network cable and we are currently using wirless to avoid network cable.

any other way?

Not that I no of

what’s your definition of expensive? you can put an entire house of analog phones behind an ATA for $50 or so and connect that to asterisk…