Yum 1_6_1 (1.6.1)

I tried using search but searching for 1.6.1 eats the periods and says 1 6 1 is too common to search for.
So if this is answered someplace what I use to search couldn’t find it and I pre-apologize.

I have a brand spanking new CentOS 5 machine I use to install Asterisk from the CVS and I can download the source and compile it. But then I noticed that CentOS YUM is supported. - cool - So I followed the instructions and sure enough I can install it if I want to, but it only install version 1.6.0 I have been running 1.6.1 are there yum keywords to install 1.6.1 When I do a

yum list asterisk*

I don’t see any versions 1.6.1 to install. I’m guessing I have to continue to use CVS for this instead of yum?