Trouble with CentOS install

I am trying to install CentOS using the step-by-step instructions in Chapter 3 of “Asterisk™: The Definitive Guide”.

My problem is that the CentOS install wants all 6 CD’s & the book says that I only need the 1st ( & that’s all I downloaded). I could download the others, but I suspect that there is an underlying issue here.

My 1st thought is that the book is assuming a different version of CentOS (there are some differences in the installation steps). I downloaded 5.9, should I try a different one?

Or something else?


Download the 1st install DVD and install the CentOS 6.4.

The required CD’s for installation depends on the packages that you choose to install. I think that it would be much quicker to download a DVD and make a proper install instead of exploring what packages you can install from only one CD …

In my country 128kb was the standard for ADSL untill recent. Than downloading a DVD meant occupying your connection for almost a week…

It could, of course, be the language selection that is forcing the use of additional CDs (e.g. Open Office language packs are on the second DVD (for 5.7), and possibly other language packs are scattered over the CDs.

Follow up: it was pilot error - no surprise. The book said to deselect all the packages marked for installation (the ones needed would be installed individually with yum). I thought that I did that, but I didn’t realize that it was a scroll-able list and there were other packages down the list (the character-based graphics threw me off).

So I deselected ALL of them & the install went to completion. But, when I tried to use yum, it wasn’t there! So, I downloaded the DVD & installed again, only deselecting the packages I was sure that I wouldn’t need. Yum is there now & I’m proceeding - all is well, for the moment.

I’ll be back,