Your opinion needed on the "right" 24 port card

What type of card is best?

  • Digium
  • Rhino
  • Sangoma
  • Something else

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Alright, I am now in the market for a good, solid modular card. It has the be high density with the common 2 pair connector so it punches easily to North American BIX blocks. I want something that does a combination of FXO/FXS with a total of 24. It also has to have on board echo-cancellation.

Something like this.

So that being said, I really need to settle on a vendor of the card. If you have experience in this, it would be appreciated to get your input what make of card I should be considering.

So, in short… Digium vs. Rhino vs. Sangoma vs. ???


36 views and only one vote. Classic democracy.

You really cant go wrong with any of the three listed. Personally I like to buy the Digium cards as the money they make goes to support further development of Asterisk, they better Digium does the better Asterisk gets.

I have a Digium T1 card in my server and its connected to a Rhino Channel bank so I can personally speak for them. Both companies have EXCELLENT support and the few small issues I had getting my systems running the way I wanted were answered quickly.

I dont have personal experience with Sangoma but they are highly recommended by others.