Which analogue telephony card to be used?


Which telephony card is recommended to be used? I need to use analogue card that support echo cancellation.

I am confused if to use sangoma or dialogic cards.
Previously we were using Digium, but currently I do not find Digium any more.
By the way, I need the card to be supporting 12 ports.

The running asterisk version is 13.38.2-vici which is used for Vicidial.


why not use analog voice gateway, it’s easier to install than card

Because the card is cheaper than buying voice gateway.
Also, voice gateway requires to have sip trunk, whereas card is built in the same box so it can be shown by dahdi channel.
Moreover, I can check the telephony card channels from asterisk CLI, while these voice gateways that you are talking about it (which is going to compete the price of the telephony card), they do not have enough commands (and maybe does not support ability to access it using SSH) to check the line status.

I was buying Digium cards, but it is no more existed and I need to know if I have to buy Sangoma cards or Dialogic and if they are working fine with DAHDI channel or what should I do.


Digium = Sangoma for the past 3-4 years now. There is no more Digium, it is part of Sangoma.

Generally people use Digium to refer to cards that Digium produced when it was not owned by Sangoma, and the same cards now, and Sangoma to refer to cards that Sangoma made during that time.

The cards still serve a purpose since if you want to use DAHDI or do anything feature rich with analog or TDM, a gateway will not suffice.

Have you looked at the list of supported cards?

You’ll want to pick one that supports what you need.

One question is if you really need an analog card or not. Would a digital (T1) card connected to a channel bank work? Or do you not have a channel bank, and you need a card that directly provides FXS ports?

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