I took a VOiP class at school and became very interisted in the Asterisk system. I just set up my first asterisk server and things have been going great. Asterisk is a wounderful thing.

My problem is… I bought a Voxzone X100P FXO card (some knockoff of the real thing I think). I was wonderig if this card can be configured to only make outgoing calls, and never pick up the line. The situation is that the box is running at a relative of mine’s home where they have a POTS line. I don’t want the asterisk server to change anything on their home phone network, i want all the phones to ring normally, and their regular answering machine to take the messages. I want to be able to connect to the box via softphone over the internet (I have already figured out that part) and make calls out using the POTS line at my relatives house.

Can this be done?