x100p problem


I bought an x100p card (this one : x100p.com/products/FXO.php )

I tried the card in 3 of my computers.

The results :

First computer (my asterisk server) :
Motherboard : Asus P4PE (intel chipset) / Pentium 4 1.7 ghz
The computer boots without problem when the card isn’t inserted.
When I insert the x100p card, the computer don’t start anymore. When I press the power button, nothing happens (as if the power cord was unplugged). I remove the card and it boots again.

Second computer:
Motherboard : Asus A8N-E (nforce4 chipset) / AMD Dual Core 4800+
Exactly the same problem as above

Third computer :
Motherboard : Abit VH6 (VIA chipset) / Pentium 3 667 mhz
On this old computer, everything works fine. The computer boots. Linux (kudzu) détects a motorola card when it boots…

Can you help me on this ? PCI version ? voltage ?

thank you !

sounds like your card is either badly inserted or broken.

FWIW the third comp is correct- the x100 series cards were always rebadged voice modems. There are a few chipsets that work from Intel, Mot, etc. None of them work reliably or very well. The X100 was discontinued as soon as the FXO module for the TDM400 came out, and it wasn’t missed. The cards you buy now are ‘x100 series clones’, aka the same voice modem as the driver is still included with Zaptel.

You would be better off to buy a TDM400 series card from Digium.

thanks for the anwser

I tried it in another computer and it works very well. And this computer is an Asus board too.

What I can see now is that this problem occurs only in my computers with Enermax power supply.

TDM series has a price too high for my needs.

problem solved

for a unknown reason, it dosen’t work with my enermax power supplys…


TDM cards are more expensive, but you get what you pay for. X100 clones are fine for messing around and testing * features, but I would never use one in a situation where it failing would cause somebody to lose money. X100’s are often to blame for a wide variety of issues, including but not limited to- heavy unsolvable echo, impedence mismatching / line noise, callerid problems, false hangups, ignored hangups, etc etc.

thanks for the answer again IronHelix.

There is a lot of X100P clone on the market, but many people told me that those from x100p.com are a lot better than those clones (just by watching the the card’s overall build…)

I tested it in several computers and it works very well in all those computers execpt the two I talked about. So the card is OK.

There must be something wrong with my enermax power supply…

If it can help you, the models are :

Enermax EG465P-VE
Enermax EG301P-VE

thanks you again

The X100P uses a 5V PCI slot. Maybe your first two servers have 3.3V slots instead.

you’d think having the card the wrong way round would be an obvious sign of something not right !

the card from x100p.com is 5v and 3.3v compatible

[quote]What’s New in Special Edition 2007 (More Details)

* Fully Industrial Grade Surface Mounted Components
* Enhanced PCI Bus Connectivitiy and Stability

* 3.3v and 5.0v PCI Slots Compatible
* High Quality TDM card Build
* Global Line Standards Compatible
* Improved Caller ID Signal Circuit
* Low Profile PCI Bracket Included
* DTMF Detection and Voice Quality Tested under Asterisk