X100P to TDM410p - X100p fine but TDM410P wont work (UK)

I have purchased a TDM410P with single FXO to replace an X100P which has worked for over 2 years and releases of Asterisk and Zaptel upto

Found a similar problem with dialing out and not picking up incoming calls.

All diagnostics show a card and channel.

I need to get this card working and UK Callerid without the usehist patches for Zaptel ( which I apply manually for the X100P), so that I can move from to 1.6. If a cannot get this card to work, I will not be able to move forward with new releases of Asterisk and Dahdi. Tried to apply the old zaptel usehist patches to Dadhi without any success.

I cannot get any help from anyone about this - this leaves me with a version of Asterisk which I cannot move to the latest versions.

I know that this problem is also affecting other UK people too .

Just throwing some ideas:

  1. Are you able to probe the card?

  2. Do you have PCI slot suitable for the card?