Wrong name shows on recipient's phone with internal calls


I’ve inherited an Asterisk system from a colleague who left the company. I’ve sussed out most things, but have an issue when setting up extensions for new users.

Usually, I recycle a phone from someone who’s left the company previously and just change name on the extension in Asterisk and also edit the phone’s config file so that the new name appears on
the phone’s screen. This works fine.

However, if we make a call to another extension, the name of the previous owner of that extension appears on the recipient’s phone screen, not the new owner.

Can someone tell me where this name is stored in the system please?, so that I can edit it. We’re using Aastra handsets by the way.



Asterisk is configured at a lower level than that. The information could be in:

  • the calling phone;
  • the channel technology configuration file (e.g. sip.conf);
  • possibly in users.conf;
  • extensions.conf;
  • a database referenced from that, either directly, or indirectly via an AGI script;
  • files included from the above files;
  • a database used for Asterisk “Realtime”.