Internal Reverse Caller Id

Is it possible and if so, how do we set up the system so that when a number is dialed internally (by extension) the Name of the person we are calling displays on the phone instead of the extension. (Currently our display shows the following:

To: 1234

I would like to see
To: John Doe

Thanks for any assistance :smile:

Wow, exactly same feature request as Does someone know of a non-proprietary VoIP system that has this?

so what you do not know who u r calling???

Really what is the point?

I have never seen (or maybe never noticed) any PBX ever doing this.

I don’t think this is something that a PBX would handle. The phones can, however, if they have access to the information. Our Aastra phones have this feature because the phones download the company directory from a TFTP server. So when you call 210 the phone looks it up in the directory and displays the name.