See who you call on phone display


We are currently implementing Asterisk in our company. We are working with the Polycom SoundPoint IP 330. The phones are working very nicely, but there is one thing that should be fixed:

If you call an internal extension, the name of the extension is not shown in the display. It only displays: “705 <705>” and we would like it to display the name of the extension, for example: “Test Phone”.

How can I accomplish this? It’s very important for our company.

I’ve tried to create an entry in the telephone’s phonebook, but that didn’t help at all…

Best regards, John

nobody here that can help me with this issue? I would think this was an easy issue for the guru’s here :smile: I must oversee some setting, right?

I’ll rephrase the question a bit:

I would like to see on the display, after calling a phonenumber, who I’m calling. For example, I am dialling John with extension 101: I pick up the phone, dial 101 and the phone is calling. In the meanwhile the display of the phone shows the name: “John” in the screen. How do I accomplish this?

You can try to see CallerID - you can set number and name also.

you must configure your terminals in the sip.conf . in the field callerid, example:

callerid=Jose Dos<1234>

You cam modify this value dinamically, in your dialplan before it excute a ‘Dial’ with the funcion:

Set(CALLERID(name)=Asterisk PBX)


Thanks for replying!

I just checked the sip.conf, but my phones are not configured there… My phones are configured in users.conf and when I add this line to a user/phone: “callerid=John Doe<101>” it is not showing the name in the phone calling number 101. Could you please advise?

He’s asking for the called number’s associated name to be shown, not the calling number’s. I don’t believe that is possible in Asterisk. It would basically require that the call be SIP forwarded, so that the calling phone started a new call with more complete information, but the Asterisk forwarding application doesn’t allow for the specification of the user friendly part of the name - I’m not certain that SIP does, either.

Anybody? Is it possible with Asterisk? Or does anybody know if it works with Polycom?

do you use any distribution like elastisk or so? Why don’t you configure ane phone in the sip.conf and you try to call with this.

The phone would have to support it before asterisk can do anything about it.
Maybe the display can be updated via a sip redirect?

As already noted, I don’t think that Asterisk allows you to specify the user friendly part of the address when redirecting, and it would just redirect again when the call came back in.