Rename the extension

Hi All,

I have the a extension and currently it is showing the name of Ryan, In which file i have to make the change so that i can rename the extension from Ryan to Steve

In which file under Asterisk I would have to make the changes.

I assume you mean originating device (ass shown on the destination device) and your use of the word extensions was invalid Asterisk terminology.

I also assume you are using a non-GUI, installation, with no included configuration files.

It will be set in one of the following:

  1. The originating device itself;

  2. The channel technology configuration file for the originating device;

  3. users.conf although that is deprecated.

  4. by procedural code in extensions.* where * can be conf, ael, or at least one other value.

  5. by procedural code in an AGI script referenced from (4).

  6. by procedural code in an ARI script.

Which one will depend on how you configured Asterisk. Asterisk is a tool kit, so there are many ways of doing things.

Since the IP Phones model was Grandstream so I took the GUI of the IP Phones and made the changes there. I hope it will not effect my Asterisk system and these settings are independent of the Asterisk.

I mean i can modify the name from one person to other as far as the Extension is same in the GUI of the IP Phone ?

Correct if my understanding is wrong.

You selected this method, so it wont affect any Asterisk configuration

Thanks for your response. Now i can peacefully do the changes.