Wrap-up time across queues

I am running Asterisk 1.4.24.

Can anyone tell me how to get wrap time to work across queues? I find that it works properly inside one queue. That is, if an agent gets a call from Queue 1, then he will not receive another call from Queue 1 until the wrap-up time has expired. However, if he gets a call from Queue 2 during this time, his phone will ring.

This has been the subject of an “issue” on https://issues.asterisk.org/. You will need to look there to see if and when the change was made. It is possible it was treated as a new feature, in which case you will either need to use a later version of Asterisk or back port the changes.

The solution is to use “shared_lastcall=yes” in queues.conf. This only works in Asterisk 1.6.