Queues in Asterisk Cluster

I am having some intermittent issues with queue behavior in an Asterisk cluster. We have agents logged into multiple queues and at times the wrap up time is not being respected across the different queues. For example, agent hangups up a call on Queue A and immediately gets another call from Queue B. I have turned on the setting “shared_lastcall” in my queues.conf and did enable “callcounter” in sip.conf, but still having intermittent issues. Below is a little bit of background information regarding our setup:

Opensips 1.6
Asterisk 11.20.0
Mysql 5.5

We are fronting our Asterisk cluster with opensips, on both the PSTN and Customer side. Therefore, phones do not directly register to Asterisk, but to our Opensips proxy. I am wondering if we are running into issues regarding device states because the phones are not directly registered and that’s causing our issues.

Any feedback or information regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated.


The handling of agents on multiple queues is flakey in Asterisk, and doesn’t seem to have been worked on for a long time. Although I would have to dig deep into the code, it wouldn’t surprise me if wrap up times were not respected across different queues.

Yes and there’s a lot of variables involved here. Thanks for the reply and I am going to keep digging in. Does anyone else have any suggestions/feedback?