Would you like other default languages for Asterisk?

Would you like other languages recorded for basic operations?

  • Yes, and I will list my language or saying
  • No, Why bother?

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I am thinking about making available defaults sounds for Asterisk in other laguages.

Should I bother since most people record their own?

Some items would be

Can you suggest some languages and default sayings?


0-9 # * a-z (individual files)

Enter the extension/voicemail/pasword/id number now.

Press 0-9 # * a-z (individual files) to
play,stop,forward,backward,pause,return to main menu,restart

Good morning,afternoon;evening; day
Thank you for calling
If you do not enter your extension/voicemail/pasword/id number now within 0-9 seconds/minutes your call will be rerouted/disconnected
Please enter 0-9

Give me some ideas and I will try to make it happen!



There are already several pre-recorded language packs for Asterisk, available with a search on the Wiki in my signature below.

The site search didnt reveal it, but I came up with voip-info.org/wiki/view/Aste … ernational

By searching this forum.

Ah yes but the list isnt sorted all that great as in formats, uncompressed, free or not free etc. I would be nice to preview sounds from website.

I would be providing these for free since digium is nice enough to provide free software. (I would not be recording these myself though)

Anyway back to the list of options needed?