Wonder if there are voice-dial solutions


nearly every mobile phone comes with voice-dial capabilites these days. I wonder if there is something like that available for asterisk. My boss wants a number within our PBX, say a name, the system should do some voice recognition and search within our LDAP-Directory to get the number.

Any suggestions?

thx & greets

It is possible to integrate the Sphinx voice recognition engine into Asterisk.

I don’t have any great experience with this.
All I’ve done is get the ZoIP module (a voice-interactive version of the Zork text-based adventure game) working on my test Asterisk box, which I use FreePBX on as a configuration front end.

The online docs for setting up ZoIP cover all the prerequisites to get Sphinx and Festival (Speech Synth) installed and working, with the various tools to connect with Asterisk.


I already found sphix. But if I got this right you have to create phones for any word you wand to recognize. I’ll get mad if I had to to this for nearly 2000 contacts in our Database (and any new contact there will be).

Does anyone know how this is handled in mobile phones, which actually can do the job?