Voice detection for dialing asterisk

I am looking for English language voice recognition for asterrisk, preferrably that will work on Raspberry Pi. I prefer a simple implementation if possible.

This idea came up from an antique telephone collectors forum which was looking for a way to voice dial from a phone with no dial like a candlestick phone.

I am looking to recognize only a few phrases, names and numeric digits and get the results back in a usable way to dial digits or from astrisk phone book. Asterisk phone book could even be a simple text file

I have seen numerous solutions on the web however few seem to have comlete instructions for implementation and prefer to avoid projects like RasPBX as the server is multifunction and needs no GUI

I need to recocognize phrases like

“dial XXXXXXXXXX” (dial a number)
“call aunt Mary” (phone book)
“hey Alexa”
“hey Google”



Use google speech recognition api, it works perfectly with Asterisk I have developed serveral solutions using this

All the Google stuff I see is dependent on Python. Python is a nightmare it seems . Always some problem with something not installing from pip, etc

I did it using PHP, it works also

PHP is great, any examples of how to incorporate into dial plan?

Use any of this AGI() or Shell()

this ??? Nothing there

You ask how to incorporate into the dial plan, so AGI() or Shell() are the best available methods to do it, I’m assuming you already have or will do your own code if not start from here GitHub - googleapis/google-cloud-php-speech

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